Elements Gear since 2012

for every water. for everyone.

The Elements Gear brand was founded in 2012 as a small production in Brno, Czech Republic. The products are based on more than twenty years of experience in white water sports. We initially started with the production of PFD´s and life jackets and are gradually expanding our product range for other water sports, accessible from beginners to advanced riders. The Elements Gear life jackets and PFD´s are produced and certified in the Czech Republic. We provide the highest quality for the reasonable price for all we make and in the production of the rest of the portfolio, we cooperate with reliable foreign partners. Our main focus is functionality and high quality of material processing, maximal quality of workmanship (selected products are certified according to EN ISO certification) and ultimate durability even in extreme conditions, under heavy load.


G guard

SAFETY is a must for all water sports. We specialize in life jackets and PFD´s, that are being made in accordance with EN ISO to ensure maximum safety.

E extreme

The practical FUNCTIONALITY of products is always tested in the long term. Equipment such as dry bags and waterproof backpacks are also used for expeditions in extreme conditions.

A adaptable

The best performance with maximum COMFORT - proven patterns and cuttingedge materials ensure perfect comfort.

R resistant

The HIGH QUALITY of the materials is our main priority. Used materials meet all the requirements even in the most challenging conditions.